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Art Basel, Switzerland

My address on Freedom of Expression in honour of Ai Weiwei, part  of the Art & Cinema For Peace event in Basel, Switzerland, is available here A Way to Truth

My new children’s book, a story of a heroic mouse, is based on an ancient Egyptian legend. Illustrated by the wonderful Bee Willey.  For reviews click on the book cover, or click here: Book Reviews.

Vaclav Havel Commemoration, Czech Republic

Read my article on human rights activist, playwright and former Czech president Vaclav Havel on the anniversary of his death,

published in Czech in the commemorative edition of the Prague Hospodarske Noviny.  Click here for the English language version.

The Mouse Who Saved Egypt

University of Iowa Writing Fellowship

Recently I completed a Fellowship in Writing at the University of Iowa where I participated in the International Writing Program. During my residency I worked on a draft of my novel Book of Sands as well as gave readings of my work and participated in seminars and workshops.